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Statement of Purpose

Provider Name
The Female Health Clinic
Legal Status
The Female Health Clinic Limited
Trading Address
1 High Street (Above Cashmere Goose), Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, RG27 8NS
Service Address
1 High Street (Above Cashmere Goose), Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, RG27 8NS
Registered Address
1 High Street (Above Cashmere Goose), Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, RG27 8NS

Aims and Objectives

The aim and objectives of the clinic are to provide Medical and Aesthetic Services to men and women over the age of 18 including treating patients with hormone imbalance and age related concerns.

Across the suite of services we will provide access to cost effective consultations with relevant specialists along with clinically proven and safe diagnostics and treatments.

The long term strategy for The Female Health Clinic is to continue to provide medical and aesthetic services and treatments developing further across the country focussing on hormone imbalance, ageing related concerns and clinically proven aesthetic treatments.

Location Details:

The Female Health Clinic – Hartley Wintney

The Female Health Clinic,
1 High Street,
First Floor (Above Cashmere Goose) Hartley Wintney,
RG27 8NS

(24hr answering services)

About the Hartley Wintney Clinic

The Female Health Clinic is located on the high street of Hartley Wintney directly above the shop Cashmere Goose. There are winding stairs leading to the clinic without any assistance for disabled users of the service.

An arrangement has been made with The Carlton Yard Clinic, Victoria Road, Farnham so that patients with access needs can also be accommodated with access to our services.

Although all administration, patient services and policies are managed from our Hartley Wintney location our patients do travel from varying parts of the country and across Europe to see some of our specialist doctors. In order to accommodate this we have various satellite locations as follows:

In order to accommodate this we have various satellite locations as follows:

The Female Health Clinic – Farnham, Surrey

The Carlton Yard Clinic,
Victoria Road Farnham,
(Disabled access)

View Clinic

The Female Health Clinic – Chelsea, London

Smart Clinics,
Unit 3, Verney House,
1 Hollywood Road,
Chelsea, SW10 9HS

View Clinic

The Female Health Clinic – Esher, Surrey

Esher Groves Clinic,
13 – 17 Church Street Esher,
KT10 8QS

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Statement of Purpose Details

We have a number of medical practitioners at the clinic including Accredited Menopause Specialists and GPwsi in Menopause reporting to Dr Helen Fawcett. Additionally we offer Doctor appointments for private GP services, dermatology and blood test reporting. Our nurses run our phlebotomy clinics along with our Saxenda Medicated Weight Loss service. We are currently developing a mental health practice with two NHS clinical psychologists with special interests in ADHD in Menopause. We have a weight management offering including dietician and nutrition coach working alongside Professional Trainers. We also have a team of qualified and experienced Aestheticians led by Rachel Gray.

Currently, Echo Med are providing ultrasound heart scans at our Farnham and Hartley Wintney clinic whilst undertaking their own registration with the CQC.

Mr Nicholas Morris MBBS MEWI FRCOG is the Medical Director overseeing recruitment and engagement of clinicians and ensuring that the medical care within the clinic is appropriate, safe and evidenced based. He is Chair of the MAC and approves all policies and new services prior to implementation within the clinic.

Dr Helen Fawcett MBBS DRCOG will hold regular clinics providing Menopause and Hormone consultations and treatment plans for both male and female patients. Dr Fawcett will also provide cosmetic clinics for Injectable Aesthetics.

Our menopause and hormone clinics are also held across Surrey and London.

Dr Sophie Hulme is a local GP, also specialising in Menopause and Family Planning and works as part of our specialist hormone team.

Dr Helen Duff is a local GP wsi Menopause and works as part of our specialist hormone team.

Dr Joanne Horgan is a BMS accredited specialist and works with Dr Fawcett supporting the hormone clinic.

Dr Teresa Harper is a local GP wsi in Menopause and a family planning specialist.

Dr Ashley Goff is a clinical psychologist providing consultations and workshops for mental health wellbeing.

Dr Anna Norris will be working alongside Dr Goff in developing the mental health practice and is a clinical psychologist. Dr Norris has a special interest in ADHD and will focus on this for our patient demographic offering assessment and individual therapy sessions.

Dr Rachel Alstead is a GP wsi Menopause based in Newcastle providing remote consultations only.

Dr Prassana Sundralingham is a local GP with a special interest in Dermatology and will provide a mole screening service at the clinic. Any treatments requiring surgical intervention will be referred, in entirety, to Clare Park Hospital in Crondall where Mr Sundralingham holds practising privileges for minor surgery cases.

Our Senior Nurses Vanessa Shipley and Rachel Mellish assist with clinical governance and run and oversee phlebotomy clinics, clinician recruitment, pathology results process (bloods, histology, screens), clinical management of the facilities, Saxenda consultations and look after the clinical governance in relation to policies, implementation and audit.

Ms Rosalyn King will take the role of Registered Manager for the regulated activities at the clinic. Reporting into Mr Nicholas Morris the Medical Director. Rosalyn is an experienced registered manager and has been in Female Health for the past 9 years and has developed many services, safely and effectively in the past.

A team of highly qualified aestheticians will provide the following aesthetic treatments: Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, Fractional RF, Obagi prescription based skin care, Electrosurgery for skin lesions, Anti Ageing injectables, Laser hair removal and thread vein treatments for both face and legs.

Our patient age range is 18 – 65+

The CQC service types provided from this location are:

  1. Doctors Consultation Service
  2. Doctors Treatment Service
  3. Diagnostics and Screening services – Private blood tests/Mole histology/Cervical Smears

Regulated Activities to be carried out at the clinic: Initially:

  1. Treatment of Disease, disorder or injury
  2. Diagnostics and Screening Procedures

The registered manager for these activities will be:
Ms Rosalyn King.

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