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AgeWell Membership

Preventative Health Care is important in Ageing Well. Deterioration and early disease can only be monitored when a baseline is present for comparison.

What is AgeWell Membership?

AgeWell Membership – provides access to our comprehensive AgeWell Health Screen annually with the following additional benefits:

GP Appointments

As part of the membership programme, you will have access to four General Practitioner appointments each year where you can discuss any health concerns with one of our experienced GPs.

Discounts and Aesthetic Offers

In addition to the AgeWell medical benefits, our membership programme offers you an exclusive 10% discount on all of our other medical services, including specialist consultations, psychology services, procedures, and laboratory tests (excluding prescriptions and letters). You’ll also have year round access to the exclusive patient only aesthetic discounts we offer on treatments such as laser hair removal, electrosurgery, and skin rejuvenation.

Family Discounts

We understand that health is a family affair, and we want to make it easy and affordable for all adults to stay healthy, so our AgeWell membership program offers a 10% discount on clinical services and treatments to your immediate family (aged 18 and over).

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AgeWell Membership – Terms & Conditions

AgeWell membership is a discounted annual membership to encourage patients to manage well health for the longer term.

If AgeWell membership is not renewed annually the full cost of the AgeWell Health screen and any additional treatments used under the membership programme will become due and payable at standard cost as per our price list.

There is an additional joining fee for membership for non Female Health Clinic patients.

Age.Well Membership Fees

What is an AgeWell Health Screen?

Prevention is better than cure. We all understand this age old theory.

Preventing serious diseases before they happen is one of the most important things you can do to protect your health and age well.

Our AgeWell health screen offers peace of mind and provides you the opportunity to take an active and preventative approach to your future health and wellbeing.

Whilst providing a snapshot of your current health it provides an important baseline and when monitored on an annual basis can provide opportunities to spot changes in your health and highlight areas that may develop into serious, life changing health issues in the future.

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Preventative & Proactive Health Care

Most of us think of going to the doctor as something we do when we aren’t feeling well or when we need treatment for a specific medical condition. Preventative healthcare refers to routine care you receive in order to maintain your health. It’s key to diagnosing medical conditions before they become a problem.

Each individual patient has their own normal. Seeing when these normals fluctuate allows preventative disease protection in the very early stages before it becomes a chronic problem.

Our AgeWell Health screen is available to all patients as and when required. We encourage annual review to ensure changes are recognised and monitored to capture early signs of disease progression.

To encourage our patients to continue to maintain their health and carry out an annual review we have created the AgeWell membership programme which is highly discounted to make preventative healthcare more affordable. It also includes GP appointments as standard and discounted access to all clinic treatments.

What is included in the AgeWell health screen?

  • Heart Health with an echocardiogram and ECG
  • Full blood screening of the major organs and likely disease indicators
  • Urine analysis
  • Blood pressure, weight & BMI
  • General Health Assessment with GP Cardiologist to discuss results, any health concerns and lifestyle indicators of risk
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How much is AgeWell Membership?

AgeWell Membership is £995 per annum.

There is a £250 joining fee for new patients to The Female Health Clinic.

Please see our T&C’s above

For comparison our AgeWell Health Screen is £1,495 for a one off appointment

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