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HRT Shortages – May 2022

Dear Patients,

An update @ May 2022 on the recent HRT shortages that we are all experiencing.

At The Female Health Clinic we are currently managing prescription requests with generic medication requests. For example Oestradiol 50 mg patch (Estradot rather than Evorel, for example, could be used to fulfill your order)

This enables our pharmacy to dispatch a 50mg patch in whatever brand is currently available. Alternatively a generic request for oestradiol gel pumps can offer several manufacturer options.

If you are concerned you can also request alternative methods of application. For example patches instead of gel are also an option and vice versa.

The issue only seems to be affecting Oestrogen Replacement Therapies currently.

We hope that this shortage will be short lived and if you would like to let us know of any concerns please get in touch via and we will respond the next working day

See here what The British Menopause say regarding the latest shortages

HRT Shortages – May 2019

Dear Patient,

As a further update to the HRT shortages we are all experiencing.

Currently at The Female Health Clinic we are fulfilling prescriptions for our patients for their HRT. We are now prescribing gels for transdermal application for both oestrogen and testosterone supplementation. Progesterone currently remains unaffected.

Patches are generally unavailable mainly along with Tostran Gel. However we are advised that they may become available in January next year.

As per our last update please ensure that you order your HRT well in advance to prevent you from running out and call the clinic if you have any questions or concerns.

Please note that our £15 prescription fee will apply for all repeat prescription requests.

If you are switching to alternative brands or method baseline bloods maybe requested as part of our practice. Please enquire with the clinic should you have any questions or queries regards this.

HRT Shortages – Tuesday, 28 August 2019

Dear Patients,

We are all currently experiencing the effects of the oestrogen patch and tablet supply shortage. The Female Health Clinic is able to fulfill our patient prescriptions for these items however it is sensible to allow 1-2 weeks delivery time and we are also providing limited scripts of 6-8 week medications for the patches as these are much more readily fulfilled than larger orders. We can give 3 month supplies of oral oestrogen. Monitor your medication levels and contact the clinic in plenty of time to replenish your supply.

Please note that this issue is only relating to oestrogen patches and to a lesser extent oestrogen tablets. Oestrogen gel, progesterone and testosterone are not affected.

We will monitor the situation and if any changes to ordering prescriptions is required we will advise as soon as we are able to.

Please note that our £15 prescription fee will apply for all repeat prescription requests.

Click here for the latest update from the British Menopause Society regards the shortages.


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