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Most patients think of laser hair removal treatments more in the summer as this is when their hair starts to bother them more and they look for a more permanent option of removal!Patients believe this is the best time to start so they can be hair free throughout the summer.

Unfortunately this is a misconception as laser hair removal requires multiple sessions over multiple months for best results, therefore it is best started in the autumn/winter to achieve silky smooth, hair free skin in time for the summer.

Any laser treatment is better completed in the autumn and winter months due to laser treatments temporarily making the skin more sensitive to the sun. This increases the risk of burning in the sun and causing pigmentation in the treated area.

A tan is also a big no no for laser treatment as the laser works by heating pigment in the hair and destroying the follicle bulb. If a patient has a tan the laser is also heating the pigment in the skin and there is a higher risk of a laser burn.

The best results are obtained when the skin is paler and untanned as all of the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment of the hair and none is lost in absorption of the pigment in the skin, giving best results with the least risk of any side effects.


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